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Postage Savings
Are you looking for postage savings, data management, direct mail & fulfilment or personalised printing services?

Postage is another area in which we specialise to ensure maximum costs savings for our customers and maximise Return on Investment.

As Direct Mail experts we have built partnerships with mail and courier services throughout the world to ensure timely delivery while saving you money. We add value to your marketing campaigns and through reducing postage costs and increased quality Romax can expand your marketing reach raising your company profile.

Our bulk postage savings really do make the difference in a successful mail campaign as postage can account for 60-70% of the overall cost involved in a Direct Mail campaign. We guarantee to send out 100% of mail and find that we save our clients so much money on postage that it covers the cost of our other services for the price clients paid their previous supplier just for the delivery.

For bulk distribution, there are various delivery methods available to suit your requirements and budget anywhere in the world, trackable and transferable logistics ensure your product is where it needs to be at the right time.

Wherever it’s going Romax can offer substantial postage savings on your direct mail campaigns. Call us today on 020 ­8293 ­8550 for a FREE postage audit to find out just how much Romax can save you.